What is this?

This site is best explained by deconstructing its name. Sophos is the greek derived prefix meaning wisdom, Naut is the greek derived suffix for explorer. Put those together and you have: Wisdom Explorer. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like the greek Sophonaut, but that’s our goal here. To explore the wisdom we have gained through experience, so you can learn faster than we did. We’re the 80 to your 20. Welcome!

We also want to use this as a forum for exploring ideas we don’t know much about yet. The overarching goal is to enable you to be the best version of yourself. If we all do this, the world will become so much better. You’ll find that upstream of a lot of the problems we face as a species is some regular person doing a bad thing by accident. We want to decrease the problems we face, by helping people make less mistakes.

  • Topics (and headers)
    • How to learn:  Improving how you learn makes learning of other material easier, saves time, and improves retention
    • Physical Health:  Sound physical health is a cornerstone of all aspects of life: learning, longevity, mentality, relationships, etc.
    • Mental Strength:  Maintaining a healthy mind can fend off disease, open doors, and improve the overall experience of life
    • How people think:  Knowing how and why people make certain decisions allows one to take more control of their own mind and better understand others
    • Ideas:  Journaling of the random ideas and thoughts that pop into our brains
    • Creative outlet: From time to time we will publish our art here because having a creative outlet is important, but not often talked about.

These are the main categories you see in the menu, you’ll notice that some posts are in multiple categories. That’s because they cover topics that are relevant to each!

Who we are

Currently, Sophonaut is run by two fellas on a quest to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Tyler Capps has been searching for a way to learn as fast as possible in order to get the tools required to change the world in a way that will benefit the most people. On this journey, he has experimented with formal education at the University of California, San Diego and MIT, and co-founded a group mentorship program where members mentored each other towards their respective greater goods. His hope is that the articles will help reduce the time to learn new material AND the tools make it easy to apply the benefits of the learning to your life (tyler dot capps at sophonaut dot com).

Peter DePaulo has been reading and exploring why people do what they do for the last 9 years. However, by day he is a software engineer working with cancer data in the precision medicine space. He’s spent his career so far in startups, from EduTech to health and fitness. On his resume, he’s gone through Stanford’s StartX, helped start a coding school that was acquired by larger coding school, built applications shipped to over 3 million users, and trained machine learning algorithms with oncology data. Off his resume, he’s done an audit of electrification in coastal Nicaragua, briefly lived in Chile to chase the story of a poet, started two podcasts, graduated from All Out Comedy Theatre’s improv comedy program, and writes songs on guitar in beautiful, downtown Oakland, CA. (peter dot depaulo at sophonaut dot com).

How to use it

This website was created:

  • As a tool to document what we’re learning so as to improve our own retention
  • To serve as a reference of what we’ve learned
  • To frame the lessons learned in a way that others can more easily digest and apply the knowledge to their lives
  • Lastly, we hope to find people who have struggled with the same things we have and form a community around growth

The posts on this website have been structured to cater to different learning styles, with each post:

  • Starting off with bullets summarizing the key takeaways of the post
  • Providing anecdotal examples that exemplifies key points
  • Notes on what to do with the information presented.
    • This is key, we hope not to just present an overload of info, but to provide a way to use the information right away

“Take what you need and leave the rest” mentality.

  • We don’t think you should feel guilty not finishing an article, if you get what you need by skimming just the bullets we’re happy!